Video: Rick Ross Talks MMG Tour Cancellation, Beef w/ Jeezy & Moving MMG To Atlantic Records


Speaking to Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz in Miami, Ross addresses rumors that he cancelled the remaining dates of the MMG Tour over threats on his life made by various chapters of the Gangster Disciples. He explains that he cancelled the rest of the tour because of a shady promoter and, according to him, he’s good in any hood in the world. He goes on to suggest that we Google the footage of him stunting in Chicago, home of the GDs, a couple of weeks ago.  Check the interviews after the jump


In part 2 of his sit-down with Felisha Monet, Ross talks about his run-in with Jeezy at the BET Awards and moving MMG to Atlantic Records. He also congratulates Curtis on his boxing promoter’s license and says he might get into that game too so they can beef on that level as well.

“I tried to choke him”

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