Since the release of Crack & Shine, London’s first graffiti book, publisher Fred Forsyth and photographer Will Robson Scott have been traveling the globe to bring together some of the worlds most notorious and prolific writers for the next installment – Crack & Shine International. Crack & Shine International creates an honest and revealing picture of graffiti sub-culture worldwide. Within each section of the book, writers discuss style, influence and history, and consider how these elements have come together to make graffiti what it is today.  Read more and check the video after the jumpCrack & Shine is the only distinctive voice of authenticity to come of the underground graffiti scene in recent years. It draws a very clear line between what is real and what is street art. The line-up of artists featured in this book are the elite within this subculture, and gathering them all under one project is a truly unique occasion and one that will draw interest from every corner of the culture. Crack & Shine Int’l aims to unlock the potential of introducing this subculture and the leading artists involved in it to much broader audience.

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