Quick Pics: Trey Songz Holds “Angels With Hearts” Benefit at the Moet Lounge (Setai Penthouse) Miami

Trey Songz took some time out for philanthropy as he hosted the “Angels with Heart” benefit at the Moet Lounge in Miami. Angels with Heart, which is a foundation consisting of members from his Trey Angel’s fan club, encourages it’s members to give back and do service in their communities. Trey’s mother April was there to support and even mogul Will Smith came through.

While at the event, Trey took some time out to chat with World Pop about his upcoming role in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D,” as well as his decision to appear in a J Cole video during his only two days off.

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[In] Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I play the leading male. It’s my first movie for film. I’m very excited about it. It was a great experience. John Luessenhop directed it. He directed “Takers” as well…His first horror film, my first horror film. We had great energy on set. I can’t give away too much because it’s a horror film.

The day that I wrapped the movie set of Texas chainsaw Massacre, we went out to Barbados and shot the video with J.Cole. He called me last minute…he said “man, the record is getting hot. I want you to come to Barbados in like 4 days!” I was like ‘I’m supposed to go home, I got two days off” but I believed in him. I believed in the record.  Futhermore, it was an exceptional time…Rihanna came out, the video is crazy. Shout out to Cliff he did that, it’s gonna be amazing.

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