GETPlugged: Charlamagne Tha God Goes In On Drake Again “I Just Think Personally He’s A Corny Guy”

It’s no secret that radio personality Charlamagne Tha God and Drake don’t exactly see eye to eye.

In the past Charlamagne has questioned the Young Money MC’s sexuality and said Drizzy acts “like an emotional 12-year old girl.”

Seems like this beef is just getting started because Charlamagne is going in on Drake once again.

Read more and watch the interview after the jumpI think Drake can rap. I think he’s a dope rapper. I just hate when he sings and I just think personally he’s a corny guy,” Charlamagne told VladTV. “In that new Headlines video he looks extra corny. Drake why are you thugging now? Why are you dressed all in black? Why do you have on black gloves? Why you got a whole bunch of dudes around you dressed in black? And he had the most non-threatening goons I’ve seen in my life. None of them look like a threat. And then he’s singing about catching bodies. ‘You gon’ make me catch a body like that. You gon’ make somebody around me catch a body like that.’ And ‘don’t do it cause when he go to jail we all go through it.’ And ‘Drizzy gon’ pay it.’ What you mean, you gonna pay for the bail? You gonna pay for the hit? That’s not you Drake.”

Charlamagne says Drake runs the risk of ending up like Ja Rule if he’s not careful.

I really think that right now he’s running the risk of ‘clap backing’ himself. When I say ‘clap backing’ himself I’m talking about Ja Rule. Ja Rule was singing all those love songs, he was on a great path. Soon as he put on all black, and the war paint, and started doing push-ups in the Clap Back video that was the beginning of the end. That’s what Headlines reminds me of; the Clap Back video.”

Vlad reminds Charlamagne that it was 50 Cent who actually ended Ja Rule’s career, but you can see where the Breakfast Club host was going with this.

Maybe I take things too literally… when I listen to Marvin’s Room, that’s like a player hater’s anthem to me,” Charlamagne continued. “That’s like the biggest sucker sh*t ever. Imagine your woman calls you ‘Yo this dude just called and said f*ck you I can do better.’ You would be ready to kill this motherf*cker.

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