GU Exclusive: Top 5 RumFest Orlando Survival Tips


Rumfest 10 Orlando has crept up to be one the best annual events in downtown Orlando. For a paltry 25 ones patrons may experience 20 separate rum sampling stations with no limits on the amount of visits to each station for 3 complete hours. Rum from Barbados, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and many more endlessly flow as guests enjoy reggae sounds from Resolution and Passafire for the 2014 edition. Watching so many fest goers tap out early I thought it my be a good idea to put together 5 tips to maximize your Rumfest experience. Keep going for the list

1. HYDRATE– Everyone by now should know alcohol strips the body of all positive liquids so prior, during and afterwards make sure you water intake is high. Dehydration seemed to be the number one killer to many patrons quest to finish the fest.

2. Plan where you going to eat. Though vip fest tickets get you some finger foods in the lounge your heavy rum intake will require some real food either during or immediately after the fest to ensure your party continues. We recommend such places as Kasa, Whitewood, Avenue Gastro pub, or Gringos Locos as they are short distance from the fest and allow you to return to rum sampling a quick as possible.


3. Bring a towel, handkerchief, wet wipes or whatever. Combine the central Florida sun with unlimited rum and you get a recipe for a sweat disaster. Have something to constantly clean & dry you face. Remember the more the rum flows the more fresh conversations and chance encounters flow so you want to look your best.

4. Get a designated driver or stay at a downtown hotel. Though we saw many policeman in and around the fest enjoying the scenery we all know driving after 3 hours of unlimited rum ingestion is a jackass move. Find a non drinker to escort you who can enjoy the music and the scene with out booze. If not just grab a downtown hotel room our choice was Grand Bohemian downtown but Aloft or Embassy Suites will suffice as well since all three are a short walk from the Rumfest.


5. Pace yourself. One good thing about the large crowd is it creates a necessary buffer of time between your drinks while you stand in line. Of course you had the short line junkies who saw a faster line and instead of taking time in between drinks went back to back and tapped themselves out of the fest early. There is no need to worry they will NOT run out of rum. Take time in between stations, enjoy the scenery and music. Even if you don’t get the vip tickets for the lounge area they still have a few indoor location set ups to take drinking breaks and cool down when necessary. While double fisting is usually recommended there is no need for professional drinkers move at Rumfest.

Keep these tips in mind and I hope to see you next year at Rumfest 2015 from start to close!


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