An Open Letter to my son “TJ” on Father’s Day

TJ….. On a day where Father’s or (Da Da’s) as you say are being recognized all around the world, I write this open letter to explain what being your father means to me, and how you have changed my life.

Being your father has given me purpose. This is by far the hardest job I have ever held in my life, but in just 3 1/2 years, I can also say it has been the most rewarding.

As black fathers are perceived as being absent and, or irresponsible, I love the fact that this doesn’t affect me at all. I have made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that I am here in the flesh, and not just at the mailbox in the form of a check.

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I know Da Da can be tough at times, and 1 time out of every 100 request you have the answer might be no, but I am always open for discussion. I learned early that you are far too smart for me not to be around and to expect you to understand. In understanding this I have made the ultimate sacrifices to be your father and not just the man that writes your mom a check every month.

You have given me purpose, you have given me balance, you have helped me understand what being a man is really about, you have made me responsible, accountable, and also the proudest man in the world.

You give me strength, you make me think more about consequence before I do stupid stuff, you have saved my life. I pray that for as long as god feels it necessary that we can continue to watch the sunrise every morning together, and recap our days as we take it down at night, even after you develop into a man yourself.

You are “The Future” as I have inked under your footprints on my forearm, and I promise that I will lead you into it the right way.

I love you TJ

– Daddy

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