Video: Rick Ross & Maybach Music Group Confront Kreayshawn and her Camp at the VMA’s

People can say what they want about the Boss, but I always wondered how these rappers talk all this shit about one another, but can be in the same building, sometimes on the same ticket for a concert and never address each other.  We saw it last night with Jay-Z sitting within feet from Lil Wayne & Baby and no words exchanged, we saw it recently with Lloyd Banks in Philly on the same concert as Fat Joe and no words exchanged, but Boss immediately called Kreayshawn and her camp on contact. Read more and see the confrontation after the jumpOakland rapper Kreayshawn may have bitten off more than she can chew when she decided to diss gangster rapper Rick Ross on Ustream videos and during radio freestyles.

Ross and Kreayshawn ran into each other backstage at Sunday night’s MTV’s VMAs and confronted her for talking reckless about him. Luckily for Kreayshawn, her security team wouldn’t let Ross get anywhere near her. After a couple minutes of verbal jarring, Kreayshawn’s security team was told to leave the area

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