GET”TFOH”: Producer Chauncey Mahan Tried To Extort Jay Z for $100K


TMZ is reporting that a producer named Chauncey Mahan recently reached out to Live Nation and tried to broker a deal to sell them a collection of stolen Jay-Z master recordings for $100,000. The tapes, which are said to have been recorded between 1998 and 2002, were previously believed to have been lost. Mahan was asking for a $100K “storage fee” in return for the tapes, but he subsequently agreed to accept a payment of $75,000. The deal was supposed to go down last Friday at a storage facility owned by Mahan, but instead the LAPD showed up an confiscated the recordings. Mahan isn’t currently under arrest, but according to TMZ, Jay’s camp filed a grand larceny complaint against him in NYC last week. That’s a crazy story and all that, but I think I speak for most Jay fans when I say that the big question here is: were these masters for songs that had already been released or re-recorded, or is Jay is about to be reunited with a treasure trove of previously unheard material?

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