GET”TFOH”: Miami Dade Police Ordered to Return $20,000 to Stripper

According to the Miami Herald, Miami police have reportedly been ordered to return almost $20,000 in cash to a stripper.

Miami Dade police illegally seized a stretch of guns from a man named Ras Cates, and also took almost $20,000 in cash from his wife Lizmixell Batista during a traffic stop that took place in May 2018.

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The cops bragged about the arrest to the local news, but Cates and Batista’s lawyers immediately challenged the arrest, saying it was illegal. At a hearing for the case, another stripper who works with Batista at the Cheetah Club in Miami said the woman made “significant cash tips.” Because of that, a judge ruled there was no probable cause for taking the money, and ordered the police to return the cash.


Full story courtesy of VLADTV

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