GET”TFOH”: Cassidy Arrested for Marijuana Possession

We all know Cassidy has also been plagued by some past legal troubles. Back in 2005, Cassidy actually stood on trial after being accused of murder, after an argument went sour and gunfire erupted between two parties. Ultimately, Cassidy spent eight months in prison for involuntary manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault and possession of an instrument of crime. And while his legal troubles were supposed to be behind him, it would appear that Cassidy is facing yet another arrest.  Read full story after the jump

This time, however, it’s for something significantly less serious. In fact, some might wonder why he’s even being arrested at all. According to TMZ, the rapper was parked in his car on Sunday afternoon, idling outside his house, when the cops came through and busted him for possession of marijuana. Police went after him after smelling a strong, presumably skunk-like odor, and made the arrest upon discovering a joint on the dashboard, a bag of weed, and a grinder. Cassidy was later booked for marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia.

Apparently, Cassidy had a couple of outstanding warrants from another county, for the same weed-based crimes. And while it’s unclear whether or not this will even go to trial, it does beg the question of whether or not arresting somebody for marijuana possession accomplishes anything whatsoever. The thought of going to jail over having a little bit of weed is pretty absurd, especially in a climate that seems to be heavily favoring legalization.

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