GET “TFOH”: Wiz Khalifa is being sued for $2,375,000 Million

Songwriter Max Gregory Warren, of Sharon Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit in United States District Court, claims that Warren authored a song titled “Pink N Yellow,” in November of 2007. Warren claims that prior to “Pink N Yellow” being officially copyrighted in February of 2008, Wiz Khalifa, along with producers Stargate, as well as label Rostrum Records, stole the concept for the song. It was said to be several different remixes to his “Pink N Yellow” song including “Black & Yellow,” and “Black & Purple.” Warren is suing Wiz Khalifa, PGH Sound, EMI Music Publishing, Rostrum Records, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Recording Corporation. For fraud and deceit, copyright infringement, civil conspiracy and unjust enrichment. Seeking $2,375,000 in punitive and actual damages.

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