GET”TFOH”: Wall Street Journal Mag Disses Diddy

I was in the JW hotel the other day and came across an article in WSJ mag entitled Death of the Playboy. I was agreeing with the message which explores the fact that men have become so consumed with money that they have forgot about how important style(not fashion) and culture is to being a complete playboy. However then writer STEVE GARBARINO goes on a hater tirade about Sean Combs: Perhaps the phoniest version of the jet-setting “good life” appears in Sean “Diddy” Combs’s TV ads for his Sean John I Am King cologne. Diddy rides a jet-ski in a full tux, arrives at a helipad armed with body-suited supermodels Bar Refaeli and Ana Paula Araújo at his side, and strides through the Mediterranean in full black tie” and the borderline racist hate goes on to state “a playboy didn’t shout he was a “playah”—he just . . . was. What the deuce did he care if anyone else knew it?”

What I find odd about this is who better than Diddy to represent the “Playboy” persona? I mean after all Mr Garbarino the commercial you speak of may not have been a commercial at all. We know Diddy is constantly surrounded by beautiful women and he obviously has the money ride in on a Jet Ski or a yacht for that matter, in a full tux if he so chooses. The other odd thing about the loosely written article is at no point is a BLACK man from back in the day mentioned for carrying on the playboy persona which some would argue we created. Have we so quickly forgotten names like Billy D Williams and Teddy Pendagrass. Both OG playboys in my book. Maybe what I was looking for was a more informed, diverse point of view, especially from the Wall Street Journal. @Iamdiddy

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