GET “TFOH”: Vikings’ Donovan McNabb ‘would challenge sources to come out and make it public’ about him being lazy

Donovan McNabb responded Monday to the NFL Network report that lazy habits contributed to him losing the starting job as quarterback of the Vikings. Here is McNabb …

On his reaction: “You know what? It’s absurd to me because everything I’ve worked for and everything I’ve accomplished and everything I’ve put forth – and these guys see me; I’m one of the first in the building and one of the last to leave – for any of that (negativity) to come out is ridiculous. I would ask you guys to talk to (offensive coordinator) Bill (Musgrave), talk to (QB coach) Craig Johnson, talk to Leslie (Frazier). They will tell you I haven’t missed a practice. I haven’t missed a meeting. One of the first in the building. One of the last to leave. Just being on top of being ready for the game. It’s just another challenge throughout my career. You hear sources. I would challenge those sources to come out and make it public, because it’s definitely not true.”

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On whether he believes the NFL Network sources, said to be in the Vikings’ organization, had an ax to grind with him: “Personally, I don’t know and, at this point, I don’t care. I prepare myself and try to do what the coaches ask me to do. Obviously, making sure Christian is ready and preparing him and, while I was out there, doing what they wanted me to do and what they expected of me. It’s just out of character for me. It’s just ridiculous.”

On whether it gnaws at him that people may believe the report and also believe laziness was why the Eagles and Redskins were willing to part with him: “People who don’t know, they hear from what’s been reported or what so-called sources say and they make their own assumptions. But in actual fact, Leslie has made it known to you, and other coaches see that I’m here and preparing. The players, the ones I care about the most, see the preparation and me working with the offensive line after meetings trying to get ready for game day. That’s what really matters.”

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