GET “TFOH”: Ryan Leslie Sued for Refusing To Hand Over $1 Milli Laptop Reward

Almost a year ago, Ryan lost his beloved laptopwhile in Cologne, Germany which housed all of the music he had been working on for his ‘Les Is More’ album. He reportedly wanted his lap top back so bad that he was willing to cough up $1 million reward to whomever would return it to him. See what he tells MTV after the jump

“I lost my computer out here in Germany. I actually had my whole new album on there, which I had been working on in secret, and it got stolen. So right now I got a million-dollar reward for anybody that can return my intellectual property to me”

A German man named Armin Augstein is now suing Ryan over that $1 milli, saying he found the laptop, still in its case, while walking his dog. [Suspect]  Armin turned it over to police and according to the suit that was filed in the Manhattan federal court, he consistently emailed Ryan but his requests were ignored.

Problem is, Ryan made it known  on Twitter, YouTube, and in interviews that he was offering a 1 million dollar reward, so it isn’t like he can go back on his word. Why in the world did he offer up such a big reward if he wasn’t willing to pay it?

Here’s video of him raising the reward from 20,000 to one million:

Shouts to necolebitchie on the story

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