GET “TFOH”: “Noooo Way, Noooo How” ESPN’s Rob Parker Suspended For Racial RG3 Comments


To see the post from yesterday, click here. Now in a small defense of Mr. Parker, from the tone of his comments it seemed more like he was asking a question about public opinion on Griffin, and not his own beliefs, but either way it was not a good idea to bring it up. You can even hear it in his voice while watching the video clip from yesterday that he was second guessing himself while he was talking about it, like not sure if he should of ever mentioned it.

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Either way the topic was ridiculous because regardless of his opinion or anyone else RG3 is who he is and does not have to explain how black he is to anyone. Parker has been suspended until further notice according to ESPN. Now what is hypocritical about this is yesterday after the show “first take” aired on espn2, later in the day ESPN replayed the “best of” first take and did NOT remove Parker’s comments from the show, which makes it appear the producers and ESPN did not have an issue with what Parker said. So it is a little odd and sketchy that today they decided to suspend him.

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