GET “TFOH”: Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume is Most Popular Google Search

One of this year’s most sought-after Halloween costumes comes straight out of Queens – rap phenom Nicki Minaj.

The “Super Bass” rapper, who is known for her colorful wigs and wacky over-the-top outfits, is near the top of the list of most-searched Halloween costumes on Google. Only “Playboy Bunny,” “Black Swan” and “Angry Birds” were searched more than the in-your-face rapper.

There aren’t many actual Nicki Minaj costumes – but plenty of websites and online video tutorials on how to be the rapper have been popping up.

Read full article after the jumpMinaj, who hails from Queens’ Jamaica section and graduated from prestigious LaGuardia High School, beat out popular costume ideas like “Charlie Sheen,” “Pan Am” and “Captain America” in Web searches.

In a tutorial with 300,000 views, a YouTube poster shares tips on applying vibrant makeup, picking the perfect pink-infused outfit (down to the animal-print shoes) and finding the right wig.

“It wouldn’t be complete without the wig,” says the YouTube poster, holding a blond, pink and purple wig.

In another tutorial, a Minaj costume expert even shares how to achieve the rapper’s signature plump derriere.

“What’s the secret? Diapers. Just stuff ’em in there and use like five. You can make it as big or as small as you want. … I think that’s going to be my favorite part … just having a big ass for Halloween,” the YouTube poster declares in her nearly 15-minute video.

She even demonstrates how to pull off Minaj’s animated voices and gestures.

Both tutorials use lots of bright makeup and clothing from the posters’ own closets, making their homemade costumes very inexpensive. and have more tips on transforming yourself into the rapper.

A representative for Nicki Minaj did not respond to a request for comment.

Ricky’s NYC, a popular city Halloween store, doesn’t carry any Nicki Minaj costumes.

“Only Nicki Minaj has the Nicki Minaj costume,” a worker told the Daily News.

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