GET “TFOH”: Kobe Bryant Offered $600,00 a game to play in Italy

While NBA players are struggling to find out how they will make money during a potential lockout this season, Kobe Bryant is being courted for top dollar to play in overseas leagues.

One team in particular, the Italian League’s Virtus Bologna team has put up an offer of $600,000 per home game for Kobe to sign on with their team. If he accepts, the contract would begin November 13 and run throughout the NBA lockout. If the lockout ends while he is playing for the Italian team, he would have a “get out of jail free” clause that would give him the ability to opt of of his contract.

Read full story after the jumpKobe’s Italian roots may play heavily into this decision. He lived in Italy for some time while his dad played there and he speaks fluent Italian. The real question is, will Kobe risk a possible injury and a $25 million NBA profit to stay in the game?

Meanwhile, Kobe has been weighing his options but is ready and willing to lend money to players during the lockout if necessary. According to an interview with the National Basketball Player’s Association director Billy Hunter, top salaried players are willing to loan money to help players dealing with financial difficulties get through the lockout.

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