GET “TFOH”: Frank Ocean Says ‘Channel Orange’ May Be His Last Album


Like anything a musician says, you have to take it with a grain of salt. While Frank Ocean has crafted an album in Channel Orange that has landed on most publications’ “best of 2012″ lists, as well as garnered the crooner 6 Grammy nominations – Ocean isn’t necessarily going to rest on his laurels and go “out on top.” With that being said, in a recent interview with The Guardian, Ocean commented that with all of the uncertainty that life offers, there’s no guaranteeing that there will be another album from him. While a choice excerpt appears after the jump, the entire interview with Frank Ocean can be read here.

That’s quite unusual. A lot of people don’t take care over their lyrics like that.
I don’t think that’s true. A lot of people do. That’s a real – what’s the word? – a strength, a focus rather, of a lot of contemporary musicians. But you’re right. Some people focus more on sonics. Some people focus more on story. I focus on both sonics and story, but music sometimes, just music itself, can turn into more of a maths problem. I guess everything in life is a math problem, but it can be more about an empirical route to getting the symmetry that you want, and this vibe, sonically. But storytelling’s a different thing. Like I said, it’s the more interesting part about making music for me, or making albums and songs and stuff. So much so that I might not make another album. I might just write a novel next. I don’t know!

So Channel Orange could be your last album? This could be it?
It could be. It could be it, if I flew next week and my plane crashed! It could be it if somebody walked along and shot me for my bracelet or something. It could always be it. The idea of recognising your strengths and using them in as versatile a way as you can is cool to me. I don’t ever want to be caught up in a system of thinking I can do one thing cos that’s just … that’s just telling yourself a lie. But I do like to sing. I play piano every day. I enjoy that

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