GET “TFOH”: Fan throws a hot dog at Tiger Woods during Open

A fan was arrested Sunday for hurling a hot dog toward Tiger Woods during the final round of the Open in San Martin, Calif.

Woods was standing over a putt at the seventh green when a fan came running out of the gallery, yelling, “Tiger!” He threw the hot dog, Woods backed off his putt and the man immediately surrendered to security.

“I turned around and the hot dog was in the air,” Woods said, via Reuters. “I guess he wanted to be in the news.

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“I was kind of focusing on my putt when he started yelling. Looked like he wanted to be arrested really because he laid on the ground, put his hands behind his back and turned his head.”

Sgt. Jose Cardoza told the Associated Press that the man was arrested for disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor, and was not jailed.

“He was very cooperative,” Cardoza said. “They said, ‘Why did you do this?’ He just shook his head in guilt or remorse. He didn’t give a reason why he did it.”

The man, according to Cardoza, said he wasn’t throwing at Woods, just tossing the hot dog in the air. Although he said he’d had a drink earlier, he was not intoxicated.

According to Arjun Atwal, who played with Woods in the final round, the bun landed by the man and the hot dog flew across Woods’ putting line. “Just the dog flew out,” Atwal said.

It was a surreal scene, Atwal said.

“That guy could have got shot, the way he ran out with that hot dog,” said Atwal, who fired a 67. “The cops there could have thought it was something else.”

Woods was even on the par-3 hole and finished with his third consecutive 68 of the tournament. He finished at 7-under par in his first competition in seven weeks.

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